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Robei just released the latest EDA software with Version number:3.5.5. Robei EDA software provides visualizad block based hierarchy design method, which will increase IP reuse and reduce the design complexity. Code Generation in Robei can reduce the coding and mistakes, increase the stablility. The latest version can be downloaded through the follow link:

Download Robei 3.5.5

Or you can download through this link:


Robei EDA has many advantages over the other EDA software:


1. Visualization: No one want to talk to code as code cannot show the hierarchy of itself. With Robei EDA Software, everyone can enjoy the beauty of Block Oriented IC design which integrate the hierarchy and algorithm together.


2. Code Generation: Blocks can change to standard Verilog code for you by single button press. This can save you huge time to write all the port declaration code by yourself.


3. Fast simulation: Robei provides almost zero waiting time for you to see the simulation by change a little bit of your code to fix a bug. This can save you from sitting in front of computer and bunching your head to wait for the result by other EDA software.


4. Fast block reuse: If you use IP, most of the IP blocks need to re-package after little modification, while there is no need to re-package your block IPs in Robei. After modification, just refresh on your top design, everything will be in position like a magic.


5. No need to memorize the ports: When do instantiation, you might need to memorize many ports' name and their data size, port directions. With Robei, your head will be free, just connect like a wireman.


6. Simplified but not simple: Robei EDA provides the concept of simplified Verilog design, but the software did a lot of things to accelerate your design in backend.


7. Colorful design to make you as an Artist. Robei EDA software no longer helps you to be a system level designer, but also helps you to be an Artist in IC design industry.

8. Hierarchical design: Robei EDA provides unlimited layer for your design. With double click on the blocks in your design, you can travel between layers like a “Jumper”.


Welcome to download Robei EDA Software.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

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